Castle de Wildt: Care for Wild Africa: Courses on offer 2015


With many years of experience in the industryCARE for WILD AFRICA’s Sable, Roan, Buffalo,Njala

and colour variants course

covers the intensive breeding of these magnificent wild animals.

• Learn about their welfare/diseases/parasites

• Learn about the day to day running of your breeding projects

• Learn about genetics and breeding strategies.


DATE           24 – 28 March 2015 & 20- 24 October 2015

VENUE       Castle De Wildt, Modimolle S 24˚45.429 ̒ E 28˚ 27.162 ̒

COST         ZAR12152.40

TUITION BY    Wildlife veterinarians

Experienced breeders of buffalo, sable , roan, black/saddled impala and golden wildebeest

Nutrition and feeding experts

Economist and financial advisors

Related products advisors

These people will help you minimize your risks and maximise your income

COURSE OBJECTIVETo teach you the background, facts and science of intensive wildlife production.  Intensive lectures and extensive practical, hands-on sessions contribute to the success of this course


Each topic will be dealt with in detail by experts in their field:

  • Practical veterinarian capture: methods, equipment and management
  • Monitoring and record keeping of your herd – managing your studbook
  • Identification, reduction and handling of stress during and after capture, holding facilities
  • Loading, transportation and off-loading
  • Gene & genotypic frequencies in mating systems of intensive breeding stocks (age determination, horn development, etc)
  • Diseases, parasites, toxins and their control
  • Herd nutrition and feeding management
  • Holding bomas and fencing, breeding camp systems
  • The business of intensive animal breeding – Value of breeding
  • Legal aspects (permits, buying and selling contracts, buffalo policy, insurance)
  • Mortalities and capture-related deaths.


Also Available when you attend this course – please order in advance

  • Intensive Wildlife Production in Southern Africa – J du Bothma and N van Rooyen
  • A guide to animal diseases in South Africa – Game – Pamela and Peter Oberem

• All Meals

Ground transport while on course

All equipment to be demonstrated (products, pole syringes ,stretchers, dart guns, darts etc.)

Tuition by wildlife professionals/breeders/owners and veterinary surgeons

Participation in real capture operations

Please note:

We will accept the first 30 applicants to attend this course.  The full amount of your fee is payable to secure your place on the course.  Please complete the application form for this course which you can find on our website or attached.  Email your application form to us.  We will then contact you and send you more information or an invoice.


PO Box 548, Sonpark, 1206, South Africa

Telephone: +27 (0)82 825 8735



CARE for WILD AFRICA’sSPECIES SPECIFIC WILDLIFE SEMINARBlack and saddled Impala/Golden Wildebeest

 Course Date: 2&3 Oct 2015

Why Attend “The Species Specific Wildlife” seminar?

– We want to help you minimize your risk and maximize your profit.

– We will enable you to make collectable decisions and enjoy yourself doing it, to sort problems out!

Who should attend?

-Potential breeders/managers/ all interested


Listed below are topics that will be discussed over the 2 day Seminar

Wildlife production Introduction

Diseases/parasites and vaccines – both species

Capture related mortalities and stress

Feeds & Supplements, products etc – both species

Genetic structures

Economics/ business plan

Nature Conservation requirements – permits, camp size,  etc

Risks assessment: Do’s and Don’ts

Talks and lectures by wildlife specialist, veterinarians and experienced breeders.

DATE 2&3 Oct 2015

PRICE Will be advised  (include meals but not accommodation)

LANGUAGE English/Afrikaans

Venue: Castle de Wildt (Modimolle)  S24⁰ 45.429’ E28⁰ 27.162’

BOOK Mobile: 082 825 8735 | Email:

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